The Amazing Benefits of Massage in Singapore

Body massage comes in great many varieties and each of them has their specialties and benefits. Our hectic lifestyle combined with increased levels of stress makes it necessary that we get a full body massage once in a while. For those who are working in this busy city, they will know how important it is to relax once in a while.

Anyone who has an experience knows how awesome it feels when you hand yourself over to the efficient massage experts. The local body massage parlors can never deliver the high quality services in the field. Many Americans travel each year for getting their yearly therapeutic massage in Singapore. There is something for everyone. A good massage session is a lifetime experience which you will always cherish.

Massage in Singapore

What is a body massage therapy?

A body massage therapy mainly consists of systematic touching, kneading, stroking, and compressing the body tissues and muscles. There is a great variety of methods of massaging and each produces different impact on our body. Generally a massage therapy consists of more than one massage session. Several kinds of oils, herbs and lubricants are used for massaging. Massage has been considered a form of treatment from the ancient times.

What are the benefits of getting a good massage?

A professional massage service can have long lasting impact on your health and well-being. Some of the benefits of getting a full body massage are listed below:

  • Massage by a well qualified and trained individual can relieve tension and decrease your stress levels. Coping with daily stress is not an easy task. After a massage session you will feel much relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • It helps in mental relaxation and heightens your senses. Regular massage sessions will make you more alert and creative.
  • By soothing our pressure points and loosening our tensed muscles, massage sessions improve our posture. Good posture is not only a healthy way of movement but it also makes us appear more elegant.
  • Every time you get a massage therapy your blood circulation improves. When the blood flows throughout our body consistently it makes our skin glow and gives us a healthy radiance.
  • Massage therapy can relax your muscles and lower backaches and neck ache. It has also been effective for people who suffer from chronic headaches or migraine.
  • Massage therapy can be very beneficial for individuals suffering from high blood pressure.
  • It helps in speedy post-surgery recovery.
  • Massage sessions help your tissues receive more nutrients like vitamins, minerals and oxygen. This helps the tissues to work properly.

Why is massage therapy so effective?

When we overwork our muscles they tend to constrict. Constricted muscles can pressurize the nerve tissues. Compressed nerves can lead to many health disorders and constricted and tensed muscles cause aches. Applying pressure at the right points and massaging the muscles eases the constricted tendons, muscles and ligaments and improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation helps each part of your body to get more oxygen and nutrients.

How much does a massage therapy cost?

The cost of massage therapy varies depending on the type of massage you are getting and the place/ person you are getting it from. A satisfying service will cost around $60 to $90 per session.